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This week has been one with lots of appointments. On Monday, we had a home visit with Laurel, and got to do all the normal things that we usually do on our prenatal visits, but this one was fun for more than just me and Brett. Since Betty, Autumn and Loralyn were still here from the weekend, they came down for a few minutes when we listened to the baby’s heartbeat. I think they really enjoyed that part. Everything else is looking a-okay!

On Tuesday, we had a visit at the clinic becuase I had to get two tests run – one for GBS and an updated blood pull to test my hemoglobin/iron levels.  I did so good this time too…..evidently my veins are better than usual, and so she found one right away, only had to pull one small vile, and it went all smooth.  It did make me a little woozy as it normally does, but there were no tears and I don’t think I even winced.  Ha!

Then, on Tuesday night, Brett started to feel a little sick.  We quarantined him to the other room that night becuase we didn’t want me to get sick.  On Wednesday morning, I headed to Lazy Acres before work after getting some natural remedy recommendations and came back to nurse Brett to health.

The Elderberry Syrup was the first one I gave to him, and that was super tasty (I could take that one too).  Next up was the Cold & Sinus Blaster, and well, it was NOT tasty….nor did it smell good….and after Brett drank it, he said his mouth was a little bit on fire.  Understandable given that the first ingredient listed on the bottle was Horseradish Root.  Blech!  The Immune D-Fens wasn’t that bad, but still not like your usual yummy tasting cough medicine.

On Wednesday, I got some great news from Anna (one of our midwives) via email.

Yippee!!  What a relief to know that what I’d been doing over the last 6 weeks to get my iron up….actually worked!!  10.4 is great and lots of women deliver with levels like that.  🙂

On Thursday, we had another baby appointment at our house, with Alice.  It was only a few days after our last one, but since we do love spending time talking with our midwives, we kept the appointment, and chatted more about what the next few weeks will look like for us and BBB.  We’ve got some things to sort out but mostly we are ready for him to show up.  Our birth kit should be delivered on Saturday, and then we just have to put everything else together so it’s in one spot for the setup on the “big day”.  Eeeee….so exciting!  Less than 4 weeks until our official estimated due date.  So many people are thinking he’ll come early, but we’ll see what BBB is going to do.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the results of the second test….although in my mind I’d already resolved that I was going to test positive….and today, I found out that I did.  It’s not that big of a deal.  1 in 3 women test positive for it during pregnancy, and that’s the only time that it really matters, so we’ll understand better what that means for labor on our next appointment.

Brett is feeling better….I think that we might even move him back into our room tonight….so that’s a good too.   I had been missing him for sure.

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