Belly Bump Shoot with Mary Jane by Annemarie

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Our dear friend, Janey, of Mary Jane Photography, spent some of the golden hour with me and Brett on Sunday afternoon. When she asked me what kind of location I thought that we’d want to take some maternity photos, I told her that if it wasn’t too much pressure on her, I’d be up for her choosing.  I am so bad at that kind of thing, and I haven’t ever seen her pick a bad spot!

Well, she did not dissapoint! When she gave us directions, it was to a place that I hadn’t ever been before, but when we pulled up, and saw the South Coast Railroad Museum in all it’s yellow glory, with the old train car, I knew it was going to be great!

We had such a great time with Janey, Mark and Piper – everyone came along for the first evening of day lights savings time.  I even got to do a little shopping for some new things just for the shoot.  I haven’t really gotten too many maternity things during the pregnancy, but thought that this was a good reason to go for it.  I don’t really do much for myself in ways of getting dolled up, or even fixing my hair, this far along in the pregnancy, so it was fun to curl my hair, put on makeup, and iron our clothes for the day.

Janey finished up editing some of her favs so quickly, that we got to see them today.  She put together an amazing slideshow, and I loved watching it over, and over and over again.  She sent me the link when I was at work, and I was on back to back phone calls, so I couldn’t look at it right away.  I made my next one, and the person didn’t answer, so I started to watch, with the hugest smile on my face, and then started the tears.  Just then, the phone rang, and I had to hit pause.  AHHH!!  I got to finish watching after that call, and then got to watch it again on the phone with Brett too.

I just adore the pictures and fell in love with Brett even more seeing him be so happy as a Daddy to be in these pictures.  🙂  We hope you enjoy as much as we did!

Isn’t Daddy just so handsome…..he loves BBB so much already.  We both can’t wait to meet him!

Ahhh….the flowers that were blooming on the way to Lake Los Carneros were just gorgeous…..AND they matched our outfit too – who would have known?

This funny one is just so “us”.  I love being silly with this man.

When we tried the dip, I was SO glad that Brett didn’t drop me…..and that BBB didn’t pop out!

I look at this belly shot, and can’t believe that is me!!  Oh my gosh, we’re having a baby!!!

It was getting dark, and cold, but I still wanted to see what it might look like it we did a little more “au natural” with the belly.  I fashioned my Bella Band, my comfy yoga-ish skirt, and a sweater, and managed to not appear too inappropriate.  I can’t believe that I still have 6+ weeks left for my belly and BBB to grow.

Brett and I had such a great time with Janey and are so glad that we did this to document this special time in our lives.

5 Responses to “Belly Bump Shoot with Mary Jane”

  1. Autie says:

    I’m just giddy over these photos!
    Had my tears to the slideshow days ago,
    but now looking at them they just have me so excited to see you three.
    Love the extra shots that were not in slideshow too.
    The belly shots are so special.
    Love you all lots and lots!

  2. Grandma Betty says:

    The pictures are wonderful. That bump is my sweet grandson and I can’t wait to see him and hold him.
    You looked beautiful Annemarie. Pregnancy makes you both just glow with happiness. The belly shots definitely
    were special for you to have for memories, and to record this special time.
    Mary Jane did a wonderful job in finding the perfect picture sight. The train, bridge, and the flowers all made it spectacular.

    Don’t over do this week getting ready for the shower. There still is some time after the shower to get some things done too. Take care of yourself and we’ll see you soon.

  3. Marisa says:

    ooh i love the pics at the end with your “re-fashioning”!! since it’s freezing here all the time i might have to try that!! 🙂 love the rest, and you! woohoo for baby bellies!

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