BBB Showered with more LOVE in SB by Annemarie

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Some of my dear friends hosted a wonderful baby shower for BBB in SB today.  Danielle, Caitlin, Christi and Camille know me so well and planned the most perfect party.  It was filled with great girls, good food, and just lots of hanging out time.

So, now everyone by now knows that I have taken a small liking to owls…..and so Camille stayed with the “theme” and created an owl shaped cheese ball, complete with a pretzel nest, and apple wings.  It was so cute that it was almost too hard to eat….but we all did, since Camille made it, and we knew it was going to be scrumptious – which it was!

I had gotten a text message from Cheryl earlier in the week asking if I liked a certain flavor of cupcake….and I agreed….but I definitely wasn’t expecting these cute little guys.  They were delicious….and I’m constantly amazed at how creative my friends are!

Instead of shower games, Christi surprised me with a fun craft for anyone that wanted to participate.  She had some blank onesies, material and adhesive stuff so that people could decorate one for BBB.  The girls that made some were so good at it, and now he has a whole slew of custom made designer onesies to sport after his arrival!

We were showered with the sweetest presents too… spoiled, loved and blessed BBB is already!

My favorite part of the day was being able to spend time with my favorite girls in SB.  Thank you ALL for coming and being here to celebrate BBB’s coming into this world.  Can’t wait for all of you to meet him so soon!!!  xoxo

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