Designer Tissue Box Turned Art

Posted in: Annemarie- Mar 30, 2011 1 Comment

The last time I went to Target, I picked up a multi-pack of Kleenex that was decorated with flowers. On that same trip, I picked up a small circular bathmat for the downstairs bathroom, along with some matching hand towels in……green. Not yellow, but green. I thought that the color popped, and it was a […]

BBB Showered with more LOVE in SB

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Some of my dear friends hosted a wonderful baby shower for BBB in SB today.  Danielle, Caitlin, Christi and Camille know me so well and planned the most perfect party.  It was filled with great girls, good food, and just lots of hanging out time. So, now everyone by now knows that I have taken […]

It’s a DIY kinda Saturday

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Wow, Brett and I spent almost all day doing projects around the house. We were going to run our errands together, but decided it made more sense for us each to go to our own playgrounds – Brett to Home Depot, me to Craft Essentials – to get what we needed for the day. About […]

Friday Night = Party Time @ The Bollmans

Posted in: Annemarie, Us- Mar 18, 2011 1 Comment

Friday nights for most people are notorious for going out, possibly on the town, or something at least a little bit exciting. Well, folks, Friday night at the Bollmans is just as exciting. 🙂 Brett started in on the garage tonight, but not until after I asked him to spray the finish on the knobs […]

Belly Bump Shoot with Mary Jane

Posted in: Baby, Us- Mar 16, 2011 5 Comments

Our dear friend, Janey, of Mary Jane Photography, spent some of the golden hour with me and Brett on Sunday afternoon. When she asked me what kind of location I thought that we’d want to take some maternity photos, I told her that if it wasn’t too much pressure on her, I’d be up for […]

Mom AND Dad Getting Crafty Up in Here

Posted in: Us- Mar 14, 2011 1 Comment

So, Brett and I have both been doing some little projects around the house. We’re trying to get everything done before next weekend, and there are quite a few things that still have to be accomplished. Since painting the “B” the teal color, I’ve been anxious to paint a few other things with the same […]

We “B” getting more ready every day…

Posted in: Annemarie, Baby, Us- Mar 13, 2011 2 Comments

More Updates….I’m sure those of you who are used to seeing much more exciting, and less baby related stuff, are getting a little tired of the BBB updates, but since I don’t journal, this is my way of documenting the story as it unfolds. Maybe check back in, oh, um…yeah, probably never. Our lives are […]

Owl give ya an update….

Posted in: Annemarie, Baby- Mar 04, 2011 2 Comments

It seems like all I update these days is about BBB….probably because there isn’t too much else going on. As I’m further along in the pregnancy now, I can’t really go anywhere. I can’t fly anywhere, and I can’t really leave town just incase something were to happen. So, I’m staying put in SB. We’ve […]