Baby Steps in Setting up the Nursery by Annemarie

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So, we moved. I hadn’t mentioned that yet on this blog, but we moved. Just a few weeks ago, on a Tuesday afternoon, we noticed a FOR RENT sign in the front yard two duplexes down from ours. When I looked it up online, it said it was all recently updated…new floors, carpet, counters, windows, doors, etc, and so we decided it was worth at least a look. All of those reasons were about the only things that made us not 100% content with our current space.

I called the management company on Wednesday morning and we had an appointment that afternoon to see the new unit with Jim at 4.  As soon as we walked in, we knew exactly where we were going….it was the EXACT same floor plan….but was so much nicer.  It didn’t take Brett and I long to decide that we wanted to put our names in for it, and so we filled out the application, and by Saturday, we were the new renters.

We got the keys on a Sunday afternoon, and the owners said it was okay for us to move in a few things before our lease officially started.  Well, there was only one thing that I REALLY wanted to get in there, and get setup….and that was the crib and changing table that had been delivered already and were waiting for us to have the space!  Woohoo!!

So, Brett brought over the boxes to the garage, and we started with the empty room.

Can you tell that I’m a little bit excited for this process to begin???

Although he probably didn’t need them, the construction seemed pretty simple, he did follow the instructions per my request. 🙂

BBB and I sat and watched.  I did ask, several times, if my help was needed, but I was instructed to sit still, and that this one a “one man job”.

Yup, definitely a “one man job”….if you use your forehead to hold the pieces together.  Hey, it worked!

Piece by piece….looking more like a crib…

Almost done….

One piece done, one more to go.  Changing table up next.  Side of head being used instead of forehead on this construction.

Yippee!!  All done.  It’s the only thing in the room…..but not for long I’m sure.

Awww….happy parents to be.  Now if only the rest of our move goes that smooth!!  I gotta say that I’m super impressed by Brett.  He has been resisting a little bit on me getting all of this nursery stuff done…..well, I think his biggest thing is that I was getting too anxious too early, but now that we have the new place, a room that we don’t have to take things out of, but instead figure out how everything is going to fit, it’s been kind of fun, and I think he’s excited to see how it all turns out too.  Or maybe not, and I’ll just keep telling myself that.  I did, after all, kind of turn his “computer room”, the only other room in our place, into the nursery.  Heehee.

This is a little backwards, but I wanted to post this picture too.  Marisa was in town visiting some of her SB friends yesterday, and we were lucky enough to be on part of her rounds.  She’s one week behind us, due with their first, also a boy!!  It’s been so fun going through our pregnancies together, albeit, long distance.  I’ve known this whole time that she was going to have some catching up to do in the belly department, but not sure if she’ll even get as big as I am now at 29 weeks!   Can’t wait for both of us to have the babies, and for them to meet one day soon!

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  1. Marisa says:

    yay!!! this makes me excited to get our crib and get it set up, now that we too have an empty room!! 🙂 and it was so fun to see you…can’t wait for our babies to meet face to face instead of belly to belly!!