What you been up to, Bollmans? by Annemarie

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We have been laying pretty low since we got back from our Christmas vacation….mostly because I got sick. Ugh. I started to feel bad again on New Year’s Day in TX, and it just got progressively worse after we got back to SB. When I showed up for the first day of work in 2011, I was there for about an hour, and they sent me home. The same happened for the next 4 days, in the office in the morning for a few hours, and back home again for the afternoon. On Friday, I decided to take the entire day off, and instead of trying to work, I stayed in bed all day and rested.

Thanks to Instant Streaming Netflix I watched two never heard of before movies that kept me lucid between sniffling, coughing and sneezing. On Saturday, Brett got me some Robitussin DM Max (yes, you can take this while you’re pregnant) and while it seemed to help loosen up some of the snot in my body, it didn’t make me completely better. I had to cancel a few things that weekend, due to being sick, which was a bummer, but I was told (and now can attest to) that it’s harder on pregnant women to get better from the common cold.

After being couped up for more than a few days, on Sunday, I needed to get out of the house, and it just so happened that LB was in town too for the weekend, so I had to muster up the energy to see her while she was back “home” in SB.  A few of the local LB fans met up for some yummy breakfast before church at Jeannine’s.   What a treat, not only to see, and visit with Laura, but also do it while enjoying one of SB’s finest weekend morning spots.

I also made it out on Monday night to see Laura once again, and also enjoy another of SB’s finest eating establishments…..Los Arroyos.  It was so great to catch up with Laura in person, and spend some time with her and all her laughs.  It was also a treat to meet Sawyer, and learn about the Baby K’tan (pretty excited about this little contraption – thanks for the quick lesson, Leslie, and the glowing review, LB!).  Sad to say goodbye, but know that she’ll be back “home” again to visit real soon!!  Can’t wait!

Lifegroup started back up again this week, and we were glad to see all of our friends again, and look forward to another great season of fellowship.

Friday night we had a double date night dinner with Caitlin and Nile, which then turned into a triple date night game of Settlers with the Sandovals too. Yes, we are slightly addicted to this game…even more so now that Brett discovered that we can play it on the iPad too. It was our first time to play with 6, and it was an intense game. Caitlin took an early lead, Nile made a comeback to surprise us all, Danielle, Erik and I were all in the clear running, but Brett ended up pulling out the win….and didn’t even know it at first. Such a fun night with great fun people.

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  1. lb says:

    cute! it was so great to see you…great memories!