Still Baking… by Brett

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Back to the doctor this week for another ultrasound. We had to come back for a little check up on a partial placenta previa… a pretty common occurrence that can cause some issues if it doesn’t correct itself throughout the pregnancy.

Our last ultrasound was just before Christmas… when Annemarie was just about 21 weeks along… so it’s been about 5 weeks. Annemarie is now 26 weeks and the baby has already grown a bunch! At our last ultrasound we had been trying to keep the sex of the baby a secret, so the doctor had flown through that whole part of the ultrasound. This time we were interested to “confirm” that the doctor had been right the first time. 🙂

Well, he definitely proved that it’s a boy and showed us a bunch of stuff that he had the first time as well. The arms and legs are easy to pick out, as well as the spine and ribs. The technology here is so awesome! I love the part of the ultrasound where he shows a profile of the baby’s face and you get to see the little guy move his mouth and tongue around! So cool! And I also really enjoyed the very end when you get to see his legs moving around and his feet and toes. I wonder how much one of these ultrasound machines would cost… or if I could find a used one online somewhere. I could probably spend hours watching this little guy.

And of course, he did take a couple of snapshots with the 3D software and got us a pretty clear shot of the little guys face. The nose and mouth are pretty easy to distinguish… looks like he frowns while he sleeps. 🙂

At this point the doctor said he’s just under 3 pounds… which puts him in the 80th percentile for size. Not exactly sure what that means… but if a 6.5 pound baby is normal and a 12 pound baby is huge… then the 80th percentile puts us somewhere around 9.5 pounds. This doesn’t really surprise either of us… as I was right around the same weight. Maybe he’ll be big and strong enough to help mommy out with a few pushes of his own legs! 😀

All I know, is that I can’t wait for this little guy to get out here so I can hold him! 🙂

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  1. Autie says:

    Me too, me too!
    These ultrasounds are very cool!
    I had several due to my placenta circumvallate.
    Makes all the difference in the whole experience.
    The video and picture of your boy are so special!!
    Love you all! ~A