“Hoooo-ray” for BBB by Annemarie

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I am so spoiled by the people that love me. I flew into Austin this weekend to visit with my family and favorite Austin girls, and so they could shower me and BBB with love.

Laura, Renae and Erika hosted a lovely baby shower on Saturday for us, and I was blown away at what they did to make it special. So, I’ve been a little obsessed with owls lately, and I guess you could say that it’s a “theme” for the baby, so they ran with it. There were cute little owl things everywhere.

Laura even made cupcakes that looked like owls.  I mean, of course she did.  I really don’t know how she has any brain left to be creative after taking care of 4 little girls everyday, but she did.  All of the hostesses put together a wonderful party.  The food was delicious, the poms were so cute, and even the baby blue punch was amazing!!

Erika put together a massive diaper cake with some super fantastic and fun gifts from the hostesses.  The thoughtfulness that went into everything that everyone did for the shower just blew me away.

BBB is going to be one snazzy dresser too as he scored some super adorable outfits, shoes, comfy sleeper gowns, and oh so much more.

All of the women that came to the shower are so special and wonderful and hold such a warm place in my hearts.  If only I could convince them all to move to CA with me….now that’d be ideal!! 🙂

Thank you again to each and everyone one of you for loving me, loving little BBB, and Brett too, and showering us with such love for our family.

After the shower, we came back to Renae’s and hung out with the little man, Weston, for a bit before he headed to bed.  Then, Nae, Mel and I met up with LA for some super yummy mexican food, and some good old fashioned girl time.  So strange that in just a few months, we’ll ALL be Moms and have so much more in our lives to share with each other.

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