“Hoooo-ray” for BBB

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I am so spoiled by the people that love me. I flew into Austin this weekend to visit with my family and favorite Austin girls, and so they could shower me and BBB with love. Laura, Renae and Erika hosted a lovely baby shower on Saturday for us, and I was blown away at what […]

Baby Brain, Nursery Inspirations, Baby Dancing and more

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So, after I finished my last update about BBB, I remembered that there were a few other things that I wanted to jot down. So…here goes. Baby Brain It’s true. I’m not sure if it’s really medically reasonable that you lose, or share, brain cells while growing a baby…but I’ve noticed several times recently that […]

Still Baking…

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Back to the doctor this week for another ultrasound. We had to come back for a little check up on a partial placenta previa… a pretty common occurrence that can cause some issues if it doesn’t correct itself throughout the pregnancy. Our last ultrasound was just before Christmas… when Annemarie was just about 21 weeks […]

Here, batter, batter….Sa-WING, batter, batter

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I’d heard about the Westmont Alumni Baseball Game for at least the last two years, and we haven’t been, but this year, we made plans to go. Dave, Dayna and Hadley coming into town for it probably had something to do with our motivation to get there also. ūüôā The boys went early to visit […]

Baby Boy Bollman Update

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Thought I’d give a little update on what’s been going on with Baby Boy Bollman (BBB) since Christmas. TSA Excuse First exciting thing is that BBB was my legit reason for not having to go through the new security scanning system with the TSA in the Houston airport on the way home. I thought that […]

What you been up to, Bollmans?

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We have been laying pretty low since we got back from our Christmas vacation….mostly because I got sick. Ugh. I started to feel bad again on New Year’s Day in TX, and it just got progressively worse after we got back to SB. When I showed up for the first day of work in 2011, […]

Task :: See as many people you can see in 10 days…ready, set, GO!!!

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We spent a lot of time in Texas over the holidays, and got to see a lot of the people that we love. ¬†The time was relaxing, and filled with lots of love. ¬†I’m going to wrap this all up into one big post…enjoy all the smiles of our family and friends that we got […]