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Brett and I ran some errands around town before they got here….6 different stops in just a little bit over an hour….and when we pulled back into our driveway, we saw the smiling faces of Dave, Dayna and Hadley.

Hadley was standing there, waiting for us…..yes, standing and walking already.  She’s just the cutest, happiest, little girl and we were so glad to be able to see her, and D&D too.

First order of business was getting Hads down for a nap, and then making the marinade for our dinner.  After that was out of the way, I must say that I whipped up the yummiest sandwiches that I have in a long time.  Delicious!!!  We ate and then headed out for some fun around SB.

We ended up at Lane Farms to enjoy the fresh Christmas Trees, the corn maze, and some other fun sights right as the sun was setting.

After a fun afternoon, we came back to the house and Kyle joined us.  Dinner was scrumptious….it was Brett’s idea to use LB’s recipe that she had used before for the tri tip, and luckily for us, we found it on her blog.  It was sooooo good, and the 5 of us ate up every bite of that, the salad and the veggies side too!

We twisted D&D’s arms to get them to stay a little big longer to play a game of Settlers.  Since we got the expansion pack, we’ve been wanting to play another 5 person game with the real rules this time.  The game still ended up being a pretty long one, and the special building phase ended up winning Brett the game…..about 2.5 seconds before I would have had he not been on my left.

Another great day of fun with wonderful friends. It’s turning out to be such a wonderful weekend!

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