All the creatures were stirring…. by Annemarie

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Brett and I are officially “Texpats” spending the holidays in TX with my (Annemarie’s) family. Our flight was a tad delayed, so it was almost 1am when we got our bags and were on our way back to the house in Katy. We stopped for some late night snacks at Taco Cabana around 2am before getting home and hitting the hay for Christmas Eve.

We slept in….2 hours time difference, and a long night, and then got ready to meet Erika’s clan for the Christmas Eve service at RiverPointe Church.

Lunch was drive-thru of your choice, and then meeting back at Erika’s for hanging out. It was my idea to get Whataburger – yeah!! Got my fix, and I’m a happy girl.

Back at Erika’s, Mom surprised us all with tee shirts that she had made for Queen Theatre – Erika’s non profit theatre that she and two other women are bringing back to it’s original glory in Richmond. We’re all so proud of her!!

We spent the rest of the afternoon running around and hanging out with everyone around the yard and house.

Erika and Olsin showed us the theatre on the way home, and we are so excited for her and to see what they make of it!!

Back at my parent’s house, after some food, and Blue Bell Ice Cream for dessert, we learned how to play Hand and Foot. My parents play this game every night, and so they were glad to teach me and Brett. Not surprising, a newbie won…..and it wasn’t me. Brett won two of the four rounds, I won the other two, but not enough to catch up. He pretty much dominated. But, I was glad to learn a new game, and can’t wait to play again.

We all wrapped a few more presents and now it’s time to get in bed before Santa catches us awake. We can’t wait to open the best present of all tomorrow and find out whether Baby Bollman is a boy or a girl!!! We’ll be sure to share the celebration with all of you too!!

Much love and Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Sarah Nelson says:

    Funny! We hit Taco C when we came into Texas from the airport too!!! Tortillas and queso — yum!