Warm, mushy breakfasts by Annemarie

Posted in: Annemarie- Oct 06, 2010 Comments Off on Warm, mushy breakfasts

Recently I’ve been a little less social than my normal self, mostly because of my tiredness, so I’m not as apt to make plans, but I see it also in my desire to just talk. I am usually pretty chatty, and will call and catch up with friends on the phone on my way to or home from work….but lately, I just haven’t felt like myself. I just usually come home, get in some comfy pants, and sit on the couch.

So, since I haven’t been doing much outside of the house, I have missed seeing some of my favorite people in a more frequent manner. Vanessa being one of those people.

We made plans, and she really wanted to check out Backyard Bowls. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I pretty much knew that there wasn’t going to be anything there that I would like….since I knew she was excited about it.

On the kind of cold, and wet Santa Barbara morning, after seeing her smiling face, and checking again just to be sure, I said to her “Yeah, I’m not one for warm, mushy food, in a bowl. I’m going to run next door and grab a coffee and bagel and be right back”. Thankfully, SB Roasting Company was right next door, so we were both happy.

I was thankful to sit and catch up. Seems that being in person and being able to talk is still my preferred way to be with people.

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