Twas the Day before Halloween by Annemarie

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We headed down to spend some time with the O’Neils today. After a hearty brunch at John O Groat’s, we found our way over to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Beverly Hills. This was no ordinary pumpkin patch…it was complete with valet parking and a cover charge. So Hollywood.

We found Hadley a nice yellow cart to match her outfit on the way in, and then I made Brett jump on the huge rocking horse.  Ever since we visited the patch in SB, I’ve been thinking of how fun it would be to go back with a little one and follow them around.  I had a great time doing this with Hadley.  She was having such a great time!!

I kind of wanted to get on the rocking horse too…luckily there were several there for the many families and their photo opportunities!  The O’Neils made the perfect little family inside the enormous pumpkin.  It’s kind of neat, and a little weird, to think that our little one will be about Hadley’s age next Halloween!

Then it was time to find the perfect pumpkins.  Daddy Dave could have sat there all day with Hadley just musing over which one to choose.  He did try to sacrifice her to the count, but luckily he waved her off.  Phew!

At one point, I looked over and saw a girl wearing the same blue and yellow flannel shirt that I was.  Then when we examined her group again, we saw that one of her friends was wearing the same shirt as Dayna.  We got a good laugh about that, but didn’t get up enough courage to ask them for a quick photo.  They were easily about 10+ years younger than us, and not sure which group of girls would have felt worse about us all wearing the same digs. 🙂

We all found our pumpkins….Dayna and I opted for the smaller ones (hey, less for me to carve later), and headed back to the house to start on the next part of the festivities.

The first order of business when we got back to their home, however, was to lay down on the couch, and watch some Halloween movies.  Brett and Dave were pretty excited about the Charlie Brown one….I took the opportunity to catch a quick cat nap.

After both Hadley and I woke up from our naps, we started in on the pumpkins.  This is only my 2nd time to attempt to carve, and I didn’t even make it all the way through last time.  This is why I was thankful to have a small one to work with!

Brett knew right away what he wanted to carve….and it so happens that we ended up putting The Nightmare Before Christmas on during the fun too.  Jack was the perfect idea for his project.

I, on the other hand, had no clue what I was going to put into my blank orange canvas.  I am really terrified of a blank slate.  I himmed and hawwed about it forever, and then just decided to carve I <3 U.  Boring.

Turning out the lights was fun, as all of our pumpkins were lit up!

Dayna made us a super yummy dinner, and we throughly enjoyed every bite.  It was a really great day in LA with Dave, Dayna and Hadley.  We say it all the time, but we just MUST do this more often.  Happy Halloween!

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