Just like at Tupelo Cafe…but better! by Annemarie

Posted in: Us- Oct 05, 2010 Comments Off on Just like at Tupelo Cafe…but better!

It had been WAY too long since we’d hung out with Janey and Mark, and Piper! Geez, she is already 7 months old – oh my gosh – where did the time go?

Janey prepared us the most delicious salad with so many yummy things in it, I can’t even name them all – the picture will have to do the talking.  She and her Mom had one similar to it at Tupelo Junction Cafe and this was her rendition.  Wherever she got the idea from, I was glad – it was tasty!!

Piper was the most perfect hostess, and bounced herself silly while smiling the entire time that we ate.  She’s such a treat.  We had a wonderful time catching up with the Strongs, even if it was only for a short bit.  We all agreed that we have to do it again, sooner rather than later.

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