a-MAZE-d by the pumpkins and corn! by Annemarie

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After sleeping in, and sitting around the house all day (not that there is anything wrong with either of those activities), it was nice to get out for a bit….and get to catch up with Camille.  A week or so ago, I had mentioned to Brett that I hadn’t ever been to a pumpkin patch, so, when Camille said she only had a little bit of time to hang out, I thought this was a perfect idea!

We headed over right as the sun was setting, and went to visit the petting zoo first.  Camille was canoodling with one of the mules and we headed over to see what was happening.  He turned around and pushed his backside up towards the fence.  Camille joked that he was going to poop on her, but Brett said that he probably just wanted someone to rub his back.  Well, turns out that Camille was right…..we squealed a bit as we noticed that he was indeed taking a dump right as we were standing there.  Guess he had no shame!

This was my first time in a Corn Maze.   There were quite a few people in it while we were too…some kids were running around trying to scare people….Camille did scream at one point.  I probably would have too if I hadn’t already noticed what they were up to.  🙂  We made a few wrong turns, and at one point, went all the way back to the beginning and started over.  Brett guided us to the end, and by the time we got out, we were ready to be done.

I loved the giant pumpkins that were waiting for us upon our exit.  We had some fun. 🙂

We didn’t leave with a pumpkin this time, but we might have to go back again.  I can’t wait until next year when we have our little one….the pumpkin patch looks like the perfect place for a little family photoshoot! 🙂

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