“End of Q”

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I’ve been working in Sales for quite some time…..I took a few breaks away from it for a while, but ended up back in it again last year in June when I started to work for AppFolio. It’s been a really great job, I enjoy the customers that I work with, the people I work […]

Horrible Woman!

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We met up at church this morning and heard a great sermon on “The Beatitudes” and meekness. I really enjoyed the pastor’s message, in spite of the distraction that his mannerisms, voice, and even looks, are very similar to Robin Williams. Afterwards, Brett and I stopped for some donuts.  I’d spotted the Donut King on […]

Memory Lane in Quintette

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We drove up to Sacramento last night after work to spend the weekend hanging out with the Northern California Bollman clan. The big reason for the gathering was that Grandpa Bollman turned the big 9-0 earlier in the week, so I’d agree that was worth celebrating. Autumn had texted Brett earlier in the week to […]

Meeting of the Marrieds

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Our second Dinner Group night was tonight, this time at the Moran’s home. I hadn’t ever been there, so I offered myself a tour as soon as I walked in. They live in the neatest loft apartment, I really did love it. I don’t know if I would make it up and down the stairs […]

Save us a Seat!

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Rachel’s parents were in town from Florida visiting for the first time, so she sent out a message to a bunch of us to join them for lunch at Padaro Grill after services today. We thought that was a good reason to join friends for a bite to eat! There was quite a crowd, so […]