A Christmas To Remember

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My First… My first Christmas with my new wife… my first Christmas away from my immediate family… my first Christmas with just my new family… my first Christmas finding out whether my first child will be a boy or a girl! That’s a lot of firsts! And all of it wrapped together makes for a […]

All the creatures were stirring….

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Brett and I are officially “Texpats” spending the holidays in TX with my (Annemarie’s) family. Our flight was a tad delayed, so it was almost 1am when we got our bags and were on our way back to the house in Katy. We stopped for some late night snacks at Taco Cabana around 2am before […]

365 days after the famous Tuesday…

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Today was the one year anniversary of when Brett changed our lives forever. Last year on December 22, he proposed, and I said yes. Totally by coincidece, one of our wedding gifts was a gift certificate to Stonehouse, where we dined after said night last year, so we chose to go back 365 days later […]

Crafty Christmas Creations

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I wanted to have the girls over before we all left for the holidays for some crafty fun.  I got all sorts of things to make ornaments, magnets, and even put together a makeshift photobooth in the kitchen for some snapshots. After explaining what kind of ornaments we were making….with fabric, felt and embroidery floss […]

Blank canvases scare me…

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….and this includes blank cookie canvases too!  I am so not good with open creativity, but I was ready to give it a good old fashioned try.  Caitlin invited me to my first ever cookie decorating party and it had all of the great pieces that you need for a successful party. Lots of cookies, […]

Owl See You Next Time, Mr Penguin

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When I visited with Camille earlier in the week, she showed me this cute little Christmas ornament that she’d seen at Crate & Barrel, and how she and her Mom intended to duplicate it.  They went to the fabric store, and loaded up on all sorts of scraps, buttons, and other pieces that would be […]

Coming Soon to a Drive-Thru Near You

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Seriously, I just have to pinch myself sometimes when I start to think about how blessed we are to have such wonderful friends in our lives.   First Friday night with the Sandovals, Saturday with the O’Neils and Kyle…and now Sunday with the Fairfields….yeah, we are spoiled. Caitlin & Nile invited us over for breakfast […]

More Food, Friends and Fun

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Brett and I ran some errands around town before they got here….6 different stops in just a little bit over an hour….and when we pulled back into our driveway, we saw the smiling faces of Dave, Dayna and Hadley. Hadley was standing there, waiting for us…..yes, standing and walking already.  She’s just the cutest, happiest, […]

Settling on PJs while eating chili and brownies all Knight & Day

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We had a PJ Dinner Party and invited over the Sandovals tonight. It seemed like a nice night for some turkey chili and games.  I dressed up the table a bit for the occasion.  Don’t worry folks, my wine glass has grape juice in it. 🙂 These days, when we say “games”, we really mean […]

Just a short 4 week break….

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Tonight was our last night of this season of Lifegroup (formerly Homegroup) with the wonderful group of people that we call Brothers and Sisters.  It’s been another blessed few months getting to know some of the same people even better, and new folks too. We had our potluck tonight….and man, did this group bring it!! […]